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before the D&D starter set comes out #1 “intro”

April 19, 2014

News from The Escapist Magazine – it looks likely that the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons will begin its roll out in mid-July with the release of the “Starter Set” on July 15th selling for about $20.


My past experiences with roleplaying games have been disastrous so, although I’m enthusiastic about the start of a new edition, I’m also wary of having another go at trying to get into the hobby. But there’s reason to think that this time the Starter Set may better cater for people with little or no roleplaying experience, like me.

runequest box

My 14 year old friends and I spent two fruitless weekends trying to work this game out – then we put it away and never spoke of it again.

Here’s Mike Mearls listing his aims for what he’s calling the “basic, core rules”:

In an ideal world, a group of new players can pick up the game in about the same time it takes to learn a board game such as Settlers of Catan. The basic rules are at the forefront of recruiting new players, whether they’re 10-year-olds trying their first RPGs or DMs coming back to the game after 10 years away. Adult D&D fans should feel that this is the best way to bring their kids into the games.”

Is he talking about the Starter Set? Not sure. I do like the part about being able to learn the core game in a short time – within a night if the Settlers of Catan comparison is true. Specifically he talks about a group of new players picking up the game. I wonder if he’s including a new DM in that group? If so, picking up enough of the game to be able to DM a game in the same time it takes to learn a board-game would be a pretty amazing thing.

This all really interests me because I think in the past the makers of D&D have relied upon new players learning the game by joining an already experienced group and for people to take up DMing only after getting a reasonable amount of experience as players.

I’d be really happy if instead I could buy a Starter Set and DM a game for a group of people – all of us with no previous roleplaying experience – all within one evening.

I think between now and July 15th I’ll try and jot down what I’d like to see in this Starter Set. Then once it arrives I’ll be able to see if it’s in any way what I’d imagined it to be. I’ll start .. next post.


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