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new zealand style coffee in california part 2

December 21, 2011

.. or, the search for an approximation of the antipodean long black. To recap, for me an espresso is wonderful but over too soon while an americano is a nice size but far too weak.

I went to a local Starbucks with a view to using my newly found knowledge gained at Peet’s Coffee and Tea. I first asked for a “mini-americano” but this lead to some confusion so I instead explained I was after a coffee that had two shots of espresso and two shots of hot water.

“Oh, a tall americano”

But we did finally get to the bottom of it although I would have to have it in a tall sized cup as they had run out of their smallest size cups. Sadly at most of these types of coffee places the person you talk to is not the person actually making the coffee – so my special order had to relayed ..

“I have no idea what you’re talking about”

Long story short, I did get what I wanted in the end and very happy I was to.

I do wonder what workers think regarding these requests – they don’t seem put out in anyway although I wouldn’t want to hit them with it when they’re really busy. My aim is still to refine my request to speed things up – an actual pithy piece of terminology is what I’m really after – one that’s universally understood. I’m also thinking that next time I might order a normal americano as well just to see the difference in water level.


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