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new zealand style coffee in california part 1

December 14, 2011

Until now I’ve had a hard time getting the type of black coffee in California that I’ve been used to in New Zealand – I haven’t been able to get it in the correct strength or format. The default black coffee in New Zealand (and Australia) is the “Long Black“. Here’s wikipedia on the subject:

A long black is made by pulling a double-shot of espresso .. over hot water.

It’s usually served in a moderately sized ceramic cup with a saucer. The closest I’ve been able to get in California up to now is the Americano, which sadly I’ve found to be far too weak – comparable to filter coffee in my opinion, but it’s what I’ve been somewhat reluctantly ordering from Starbucks and the like.

That is, until I visited the local Peet’s Coffee and Tea and had a go at explaining what it was I really wanted. After discussion the cashier and I settled on the following technique: “only put as much hot water in as there is espresso”. I asked for a triple espresso and waited.

The result was a really nice strong coffee of a size to be satisfying. I did manage to catch the guy who made it mumbling something about it being like a “mini-Americano”. I’m not sure if this is an actual term but I’ll try using it next time to see what happens.

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  1. Lene Taylor permalink

    As you might expect, there’s a thread on reddit about it:

    Suggested term: short americano

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